Clean and Green Not a Utopian Dream

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COP 26 has ended. The conference has received mixed reviews with some of the member countries leading the pack in climate change. In contrast, others have been left floundering behind.  

The media has been awash with reports of rising annual CO2 emissions, the rising land/sea temperature anomaly and rising sea levels. It’s true; we need a concerted and combined effort to effect change.  


Next, some hopeful news

A village in Arvada, Colorado, demonstrates the feasibility of creating a net-zero emission community. The town is called “Geos,” and it was developed by a former oil and gas industry engineer, Dar-Lon Chang.

Geos has 28 homes, all crafted to optimize solar energy generation. Houses are laid out in a checkerboard design so that no shadows take away anyone else’s sunshine. The village also makes use of geothermal pumps and energy-efficient appliances. Everyone drives an electric vehicle. You can even find a herd of goats to mow the lawns (one of the few non-electric features). 

The town takes clean energy to a whole new level, elevating eco-friendly consciousness to a net-zero emission lifestyle. If anything, Geos shows that the global battle for a cleaner planet might best begin from a bottom-up rather than a top-down approach.

Economic News Watch

A Dragon Pattern in the Utilities Sector

Dragon patterns are not easy to explain. We measure the height of the formation from the Head (69.99) to the bottom of Leg 1 (63.37), giving us a pattern height of 6.62.

The first long entry would have happened at the close above the trend line connecting the Head to the top of the Hump. The second entry took place at the breakout of the Hump.

Targets are measured from the bottom of Leg 2 (63.80).
● Target 1 at 67.90 is 62% of the pattern height from the bottom of Leg 2.
● Target 2 at 70.42 is 100% of the pattern height.
● Target 3 at 72.22 is 127% of the pattern height.

Not the simplest pattern to trade, nor are there any well-documented historical stats on the pattern (as it tends to be rare). But this does provide a strategic technical framework from which to trade.

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