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We pride ourselves on delivering world-class content marketing
for the financial services industry.

Content marketing is a powerful tool that gives your business both visibility and credibility. A successful digital marketing strategy will help you to both retain existing clients and attract new ones.

Whether you are a broker, CFD provider, financial adviser, FX specialist, investor or FinTech company, we speak your language. More than that, we know how to make your voice heard.

We are uniquely placed as not only are we authorities on the financial services sector, but we know a thing or two about content creation and social media.

Our team is comprised of experienced traders, industry commentators, social media experts, copywriters and journalists whose combined skills can help you to stand out from the competition and position yourself as a leader in your field.

By utilising a suite of digital marketing tools such as webinars, eBooks, long and short-form written content, electronic newsletters, blogs, SEO content and more, we can help you to, not only make connections on popular social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but also to keep them.


Content Marketing Audit

Great content alone is unlikely to achieve your marketing aspirations, neither is an ad-hoc approach to content marketing. A well-planned content marketing strategy identifies your goals and the means to get you there. We can conduct a full audit of your existing content and devise a comprehensive plan on the specific content you should be creating, when you should be producing it and importantly, how to promote it

Social Media

Social media is a powerful business tool that continues to revolutionise the financial services industry. Platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram bring you closer to your target customers, allowing you to interact directly, build relationships, support and educate. Social media provides cut-through, making you accessible and approachable to a much wider audience.


The world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn has more than 610 million users worldwide. A LinkedIn company page gives you a global voice like never before. It’s a place where you can network, build your brand and share your expertise. We can help you create content and advertising campaigns that speak to your audience and generate leads.


Two billion people around the world use Facebook every month. Your potential clients are amongst them. We have the expertise to identify who they are and how best to target them, through credible, relevant content and effective advertising.


An image and video-based platform, Instagram is an engaging, quick-fire way to share information and insights with your target audience. From informative financial infographics to inspirational memes that speak to potential customers, we can make your brand accessible to the one billion people who use ‘the gram’ every month.

Copy Content Development

We may live in a digital world, but well-written copy is still King when it comes to portraying your brand in a professional light. Whether it’s a quick tweet, or a lengthy eBook, writing that is both engaging and polished is an art-form. Our team of experienced traders, journalists, copywriters and editors work closely together to produce content that is relevant, engaging and free of errors.

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness. By providing regular, useful content to your target audience, you can grow your online audience, drive traffic to your website, build relationships and retain customers. Think of us as your eyes and ears – by keeping abreast of the latest industry trends, we can literally put words in your mouth, so you don’t have to.

Your website is your shop window. If you want people to step inside, it needs to be compelling. You only have a limited amount of time to capture their attention before they move on, so it’s important to choose your words carefully. As industry experts, we know your audience, we know what motivates them and we speak their language.

There is no point going to the trouble of creating online content if no one’s going to see it. We have the literary and technical know-how to write with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind. If you don’t want your content to become the ‘fish and chip paper’ of the internet, we can help.

Sharing your expertise and techniques through eBooks, guides and whitepapers positions you as a trusted and valuable source of information – generating new leads and keeping existing clients actively engaged. The calibre of content and its presentation is a direct reflection of your brand. We can help you produce content that is accessible, well designed and engaging.

In the fast-paced financial services industry, keeping up with the latest news and insights goes hand in hand with success. Our experienced traders have their fingers on the pulse and can provide commentary that is on point, positioning you as a valuable and reputable source.

Have a great story to tell? We can help you tell it. Our experienced journalists can help you achieve media coverage by producing professional, attention-grabbing press releases.

Email marketing can be a powerful business tool, however the success of your campaign relies on the quality of your content. The information you share needs to be both engaging and useful. Our skilled writers work closely with industry experts to produce EDM copy with cut-through.

Visual Content Development

Video content marketing is no longer the future – it’s the here and now. People lead busy lives and watching a video is a quick, accessible way to absorb information. The use of video is an effective way to communicate complicated, specialised information, making it an invaluable marketing tool for the financial services industry.

Evergreen content doesn’t ‘lose its leaves’. It stays fresh for months, even years. If you are investing in professionally produced video content, longevity is paramount. Our content creators and videographers are guided by our financial experts in creating video content that stands the test of time and can be repurposed to generate leads now and into the future.

Market commentary is no longer restricted to print. Video commentary is a visually compelling way to position your brand as a thought leader and trusted source of information. Let your personality shine or use our industry experts as the conveyor of your message. We produce market commentary videos that engage, inform and generate leads.

Webinars are a great way to share information and network and they also provide the means to generate new leads via registrations on your website. They can also be extremely effective in converting inactive trading accounts into live trading accounts. We tailor webinars to suit you and your audience, showcasing your unique selling points.

Not only are webinars a powerful marketing tool but they are priceless when it comes to helping people develop themselves further by learning a new skill. Advancing technology now give attendees the choice of learning from the comfort of their homes, on the commute to the office or in the airline lounge.


Looking good on paper is one thing, but do you also look good online? We have the skills and expertise to make you look good from all angles. From Word documents and brochures, through to PowerPoint presentations, infographics and social media campaigns, our designers create professionally formatted documents and impactful online visuals that are polished and on-brand. We can help you with:

  • Banners
  • Infographics
  • Social media content
  • Advertising
  • Campaigns
  • Icons
  • PowerPoint
  • Presentations
  • Word documents
  • Brochures

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Topical and engaging. The fundamental blog explores the top economic, political and global news making an impact on the markets.

The copy is professionally written and edited to be on brand and will add a dimension to your market report.

The fundamental blog sets the tone for the market report and is 250-450 words in length.

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