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TomorrowTech revolutionizes the traditional broker report with its rich media, multidimensional approach that is optimized for all devices

Premium, topical, engaging, multi-media market analysis by market professionals

Delivered as audio, text and video to broaden the appeal of the content

Customizable to include latest widgets and functionality to maximize impact

Bite-sized chunks can be re-purposed for all social media channels

Designed to be on your brand

What's wrong with traditional broker reports?

Traditional broker reports have limited functionality. That is because most traditional broker reports are delivered as a PDF. The issue with a PDF is that you have no control how the end user views that PDF.

This is where TomorrowTech is unique. Have total control of how your content is viewed, whether your subscribers use a laptop, desktop or hand held devices.

TomorrowTech is created as a landing page comprising of rich media and easily customizable layouts to suite your brand and business goals.

Your charts, your brand

TomorrowTech allows you to not only track the open rate from your electronic distribution emails (EDM) , but who viewed the report. how long they viewed the page, how much scrolling occurred and other engagement metrics such as  video views and image clicks.  Knowing this information allows you to tailor your report to focus on what gets engagement and to leave out what does not.

The TomorrowTech report consists of four key forms of multi-media:

Punchy and engaging fundamental and technical analysis

Chart examples include all modern and popular technicals and drawing objects to ensure each report is interesting and engaging

Brief 90 second videos, for those clients who prefer video to other forms of media

The ability to listen to the market report via the advanced text reader option

Fundamental Blog

A review of the market moving news. We take a topical look at the market fundamentals from the prior week and how they may apply for the coming week. 

The content is written by a market expert and professionally edited to ensure the content strikes the right notes with your subscribers. The analysis is general – including global indices, forex, commodities, treasuries and cryptocurrencies.

The Fundamental blog is usually 350- 450 words in length. Subscribers can listen to this part of the report by clicking on the audio button in the header above.

Here are some examples of the Fundamental Blog ...

Economic News Watch

The weeks’ high importance economic news announcements of which every trader should be aware. The following examples are free and broker neutral widgets by Investing.com and TradingView.

Real Time Economic Calendar provided by Investing.com Australia.

Insert your economic calendar widget here …


Would you like to know how TomorrowTech will work for your brand?

Static Technical Analysis

Technical analysis can be broken down into beginner, intermediate and advanced content.

Here we look at beginner to intermediate analysis allowing those subscribers with limited market analysis experience an opportunity to follow on by using widgets and clever formatting.

Chart and text:

Here are some examples of the basic technical analysis. Each post contains a chart with annotations and drawings as well as accompanying text describing why the trade is interesting. Widgets, such as the Trading\View sentiment tool can be used to make these more engaging

Chart, text and animated GIF:

This option combines, a chart, description, progress bars and video for a complete analysis experience.

Click the chart to view how the technical analysis tools come together

Bitcoin Bears Return

Bitcoin’s recent bullish run appears now to be well and truly over with price falling through a support and confirming a new downtrend.

Bearish 90%
Bearish Indicator Momentum 80%
Optimal Price Structure
Bearish 60%
Trade Opportunity

Click the chart to view how the technical analysis tools come together

S&P 500 Raising the Roof

The S&P 500 continues to push for new highs. Buying pullbacks in this uptrend continuing to offer opportunities

Bullish 95%
Bullish Indicator Momentum 85%
Optimal Price Structure
Bullish 100%
Trade Opportunity

Video Technical Analysis

High definition video technical analysis, topically focused on the key global markets, technical analysis and trading strategy.

Video commentary drives trading activity by providing trading ideas. They are a showcase to promote the features of your broker platform, your services and any new product offerings. Videos can be hosted on your website or on popular social media channels and embedded in the TomorrowTech report.

USDX Continues the Upward Slide

A brief 60-90 second, HD video on the trend and potential levels for trading opportunity on the major US Index market.

Play Video

ASX 200 to fail at the All Time High?

Assessing the potential opportunities on the leading Australian index.

Play Video

Voice Audio

Introducing voice – with Siri, Alexa and Podcasts – voice and voice search is becoming extremely popular and is forecast to take over from text in the near future.  This innovation allows your clients to consume the report whilst commuting home, walking in the park or listening whilst catching up on emails. One extra bonus, Google will love you for it.

Highly customizable to ensure the voice audio is on brand – choose the accent, tone and gender of narrator.

Engaging Tools

There is a never ending choice of tools that can be created for the report to make it more engaging and add an extra level of sophistication.

Here are some examples of the engaging tools that can be used ...

Your TomorrowTech, your way

Tailor TomorrowTech to meet your level of sophistication and price point. 





Number of markets analyzed

Up to 6

4 total

2 total

Fundamental blog

450-600 words

Chart: Top chart and 400-word maximum technical assessment of each chart

4 charts

3 charts

1 top market chart

Video: Short punchy and engaging video on top opportunities (90 seconds or less)

2 videos

1 top market video

1 top market video

Widgets: broker neutral, white label and in-house widgets




Report design

On brand

On brand

TomorrowTech design

Voice audio text reader




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Fundamental Blog

Topical and engaging. The fundamental blog explores the top economic, political and global news making an impact on the markets.

The copy is professionally written and edited to be on brand and will add a dimension to your market report.

The fundamental blog sets the tone for the market report and is 250-450 words in length.

Catchy title that can be used on social media