Evergreen Video

Evergreen content doesn’t ‘lose its leaves’. It stays fresh for months, even years.

Video is an effective way to communicate complicated, specialised information, making it an invaluable marketing tool for the financial services industry.

Compelling video content will help to achieve your business goals by increasing trading activity through new trade ideas.

We offer a range of video styles to suit your video needs, sophistication and price point.

Choose a video solution that is right for your business.

Timeless and educational content on a broad range of topics:

  • Technical analysis,
  • Trading strategy,
  • Risk management, and,
  • Trade management.

Video Tiers

Tier 1

Highly polished evergreen and on-brand video 

Take the guess work out of creating an educational video suite by outsourcing it to us. 

We will propose a suite of topics to suit your needs and handle the process from concept phase through to completion.

Tier 1 video content is created and written by a full time trader and then professionally edited to ensure the highest standards are met.

We use professional voice talent to create the narration and combine this with stock imagery, stock video, motion graphics to create the finished article.

Tier 2

Scripts and storyboards for use by a professional motion graphics video production company to create the finished product.

Have a preferred video production company, but not the necessary trading knowledge to create and write your video content? Outsource this to us. 

We will work closely with you and you production team to create a suite of evergreen videos that will speak to your trading audience. 

Video Script

Written by a full time trader for a trading audience. Professionally edited and proofed to ensure a high standard of quality.

{What is trading the markets?}

Trading is the generic term for a group coming together and buying and selling products or services in a marketplace.

A financial marketplace is where financial securities are traded both nationally and globally. Traders buy and sell these securities with the intention of making a profit from their trades. The security is the “product” that is being traded...

Video Storyboard

Step by step story bard with script, video prompts and design ideas for the production team to work from.

Tier 3

Content harvested from webinar content. Less polished and more educational, better suited for an educational portal.

Tier 3 videos are a cost effective way to flesh out a video library with educational content without the high cost of professionally produced and narrated video.


Fundamental Blog

Topical and engaging. The fundamental blog explores the top economic, political and global news making an impact on the markets.

The copy is professionally written and edited to be on brand and will add a dimension to your market report.

The fundamental blog sets the tone for the market report and is 250-450 words in length.

Catchy title that can be used on social media